Highest quality work

For more than 35 years, Blackhawk Films® and the Lobster Films Group have been restoring and working on film and audiovisual content. We offer a wide variety of services. Our experienced team is at your service to provide the highest quality work for both Picture and Sound.

Film Digitization and Services

Film Handling

  • Audit and Advising
  • Preparation and Reparation
  • All support (including nitrate) and all formats from 8mm to 35mm
  • Film cleaning (RTI film cleaner)

Pictures Digitization

  • 6K, 4K, 35mm and 16mm
  • 2K 35, 28, 17.5. Super 16, 16, 9.5, 8, Super 8
  • We can manage archival material with advanced deterioration or damage (shrinkage up to 3%, warping, vinegar syndrome...)

Drygate and Wetgate

  • Sprocketless transport system with stabilization or pin registration
  • Archival gates
  • Stabilization
  • HDR - Single and double exposure
  • Kodak Digital Ice Technology


  • Arriscan (Archival and Wetgate) and Lasergraphics Scanner

Sound Digitization

A great restoration job starts with the best available element, digitized in the best of ways.

With that idea in mind, the combination of our experienced team, our traditional techniques as well as our innovative machines will give your material everything it needs to shine in regards of today’s and tomorrow’s digitization standards.

Optical Film

  • From Positive and Negative - thanks to state of the art technology developed inside and outside the lab, making us one of the few lab in the world capable of properly digitizing negative soundtracks
  • Area and variable density
  • From 16mm and 35mm
  • Dolby Mono, SR, digital...

Magnetic track

  • Playback 16mm and 35mm up to 6 track
  • Fully synchronized quarter inch open reel


  • Mwa MB51, Sondor...
  • LASER, LED or traditional lamp reading

Picture Restoration

We proudly provide the highest quality work in digital restoration for Picture up to 4K.

The more than 15 years during which we have restored hundreds of feature films, shorts and documentaries, have given us the opportunity to build deep knowledge of the film medium necessary to handle very complex projects and highly damaged elements. There is no particular case we have not encountered and handled successfully.

Picture Restorations Software

  • HSArt Diamant
  • Digital Vision Phoenix
  • DaVinci Resolve

Sound Restoration

Our team started digital sound restoration as early as the mid-90s, making us one of the pioneers in this area. Our 30 years of experience has allowed us to perfectly understand and match the need of each track we get to work on.

Every aspect of the restoration is completed with the utmost care in our pristine 600 sq ft mixing room and with an absolute respect for the original work!

Digital Lab

Digital mastering and asset management

  • DCP
  • IMF (all applications)
  • Quality control
  • Mastering, encoding, versioning...


  • HSArt Diamant
  • Digital Vision Phoenix

Color correction

  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Digital vision Nucoda

Archiving possiblity

  • Ultrium LTO 6 to 8